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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shooting and seeing Aullwood overall

I probably should have started this review with these shots. The Aullwood Audubon Center's education center is a fairly large building. However, the exhibition space isn't very large. It is essentially a long hall with two alcoves off to the side.

This shot was taken at 2:00 pm on the opening day of the exhibition. Even so, you can see that the lighting is adequate to view the quilts, but not the best to try to take pictures. It's also sometimes difficult to get good angles for the photographs because of the size of the hallway or alcove.

Two different wall types are employed, a smooth fabric covered wall (at least I think it is) in oatmeal and then the rough hewn "barnboard".

The show was started several years ago with the help of the Miami Valley Art Quilt Network. About 6 or 7 years ago, MVAQN pulled out and Aullwood's director, Charity Kreuger with the able help of Barbara Trick has continued it.

Each year they ask a fiber art professional, usually from the area, to be the juror. If the exhibitor wishes to offer a quilt for sale, they may do so and Aullwood takes a 20% commission (which is very fair). Ms. Trick told me that usually they sell one or two pieces.

I particularly enjoy this show, even though it is small, because it has some really nice quilts from across the country.

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Pam Geisel - For Quilts Sake said...

Actually, I think putting this post at the "end" works well, so now if someone finds their way to your blog in the future, this will serve as the introduction! It frustrates me to discover a blog, especially one that shows the progress of making a quilt, only to find I'm reading it in reverse order of the way it was posted!