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Monday, August 9, 2010


Things to do today:

1. buy a couple more annuals to fill out area in garden to make it look great. Check.

2. Finish weeding the SE corner of the garden (check) and mulch it (nope. As I was getting the load of mulch near the back gate, the lawn tractor heaved a mighty puff of black smoke and moved no more. I tried to move the filled cart by myself, but only got it about an additional 50 feet. I'll get it when Carlos comes home this evening and when it is cooler. ---Liar....see what happens below).

3. Go shopping with dd in the heat of the day so that she can find two new outfits to wear for senior pictures. dd PROMISES that I will get out of this for less than $150 and only about three hours late. (um, uh, sort of check......)

4. work on Pudge's quilt (yeah, right...see further explanation of above, below)

5. Prepare for the Art Quilt Workbook class tomorrow night. (ditto)

Well...I took dear daughter to two shopping centers and one mall (maul?) 8 hours later, we return, mission accomplished...but I'm done in. Hip hurts, head is mush and checkbook is depleted. Instead of showing you pictures of Aullwood and having something to say, I'm leaving you with a picture of Ironweed

Ironweed is one of my favorite late summer wildflowers. This particular shot isn't as dark as other varieties I've found. Ironweed is Veronia altissima and stands about 36" - 48" tall. It's spectacular in Ohio's fallow meadows, fence lines and other areas. I have been so taken with it, that I bought a cultivar called "Iron Butterfly." Supposedly it is slightly shorter and will have the gorgeous color of the wild variety. The leaves on the purchased one are thing and whispy, more like a Amsonia, so I'm hoping it is the right thing.

Some species have been used to treat stomach aliments. Supposedly, Native Americans used it to assist with treating post child birth pain and restoring menses.

When I found it in a nursery in Connecticut, I happily took it to the counter to pay for it so I could bring it home. I was amused when I looked at the slip that the sales person had abbreviated it to "Iron butt".....which is sort of the way I feel right now.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, so many days go this way, don't they.
The ironweed is beautiful, and the abbreviation on the tag is funny.