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Monday, August 23, 2010

Aullwood: Drawn to a Close

The Aullwood show is over for this year. I picked up my quilt and thought I really need to finish up here as well. After all, my garden is calling, other quilts need to be put up, and all sorts of other things I have in mind sharing with you.

Since this piece shows a clock, I thought it appropriate to lead off. This is Susan K. White of Xenia, OH's It's Time to be Green." Susan's quilt was inspired by her walks. Here's her information: "It begins with the central image of a village--man's impact on our world. this image is surrounded by a reiteration of the familiar "reduce, re-use, recycle" symbol expanded to represent a clock. The final layer, composed of several wildflowers, reminds us of the beautiful green world we are quickly losing. "

This one is Anne Triguba's Renaissance. Anne was inspired by the Corkscrew Swamp Audubon Sanctuary in Florida. It represents the layers of plant life. I love the rich colors. I find the shapes, while imparting an organic feel are also contained and held in check...and interesting concept, yet it still offers great flow.

Anne lives and works in Columbus, OH and has previously had work accepted at Quilt National.

Quite logically, this next work is called Blooms and Butterfly and is by Patricia Larson. Patricia is also from Columbus and attends the Quilt Design Symposium regularly. For her, "The procedure of making a quilt and adding handwork is a spiritual experience."

For the last two years, Diane Dover has been the outside juror along with Aullwood's director, Charity Krueger. Diane's work almost always includes birds...not surprising since she has a degree in ornithology. Diane is from Dayton (actually Beavercreek, a suburb) , and I've seen her work in several other locales, but the restrained palette is not one I associate with her.

What I do associate with her work is a combination of hand and machine work, which you can see here. The piece is called Black and White Warblers.

Next year, the theme of the show is going to be "Water, Water Everywhere," so start your planning now!

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