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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Aullwood: Beth Schillig

Beth Schillig recently has been making quite a stir on the Ohio quilting scene. At this year's National Quilter's Association show in Columbus, she entered three quilts, two of which are shown in this blog, and got three ribbons. She also joined Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) this year and was featured on the SAQA Ohio blog .

As you can see, Beth is strongly influenced by traditional quilting, but she puts her own spin on things. In fact, I first saw her work at Beth's Creative Stitchery in Columbus. See any connection? Indeed, Beth started "Beth's Creative Stitchery" quilt shop and Bernina dealership 27 years ago. Some time ago, she sold the business, but still does "creative stitchery" for the shop.

Some of you might recognize the 2008 Hoffman Challenge fabric in this piece. The piece is called Piped & Striped Illusions. It was chosen as part of the Hoffman Traveling exhibition.

This is another detail of Piped and Striped Illusions. Quilted with silk thread on her domestic sewing machine.

This piece, based on the traditional New York Beauty pattern, is called Shoot for the Moon II.

Detail of Shoot for the Moon II.

This piece is called Bloomin' Beauties III. She describes it as follows: "I loved using many soft color batiks to form the background of this piece. I incorporated traditional piecing and paper piecing techniques as well as turned edge machine applique and lots of freehand quilting to complete the design."

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