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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Aullwood: Kathy Nida

Today, I sort of feel like the earth mother. I guess it's from groveling in the soil for several days. So, tonight I thought I'd share Kathy Nida's Watch Me Go. Kathy's style is loose almost cartoon-ish, somewhat akin to Picasso's style which he used in La Guernica, but not...She leads a really busy life in El Cajon where she is a teacher and a mother (of teenagers and furry things). Quite frankly, she's one of those people who I don't know how she is able to complete as much and show as much as she does.

Watch Me Go in some ways speaks to some of those pulls. Here's her artist statement on this piece:

"As our parents age, we have to start taking care of them, acting at times as their parents, making decisions for their health. Mother Earth needs our care, our attention, or she will go."

Measuring a healthy 52" x 43" Kathy uses fused applique with hand-embroidery and machine quilting.

Check out Kathy's website. She has lots of wonderful images of her work up as well as a blog which addresses some of her every day life. You can also see how she works. VERY fun!

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