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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Aullwood: Judith Trager

Judith Trager's work glows with a richness which small pictures on the web just don't do justice to. Cattail Moon shows an incredible luminosity which isn't often captured in quilting. Her pieced background gives wonderful texture and depth to the piece as well as connecting it to traditional quilting.

Judith designed this piece, as well as the other piece she has in Aullwood entitled Marsh Grass, inspired by the Bosque del Apache, an area of wetlands near Socorro, New Mexico. This area is one of the wintering sites used by Sandhill cranes. Judith says " It is a magical place and I guess I'll always be making quilts about it."

With quilts like this, I can see why.

Cattail Moon ©Judith Trager 2008

Judith lives in Boulder, Colorado. Her quilts live many places. She has won numerous awards and is known internationally. Please visit her website.

Marsh Grass ©Judith Trager

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