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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Aullwood Quilt Show: Merry Havens Color Spectrum

Without a doubt, my absolute favorite entry in this years Aullwood Audubon (Nature) Center's show is Merry Haven's Color Spectrum. Composed of 6 panels, Merry takes us through the color spectrum from Red to violet. Merry completed this in 2009 and it measures 50" high and 60" across.

The piece is absolutely sumptuous. I admit, I'm a real sucker for rich and bright colors, but that's just one element of this piece. Merry primarily machine pieced it, but then layered other elements in with applique, beading, specialty stitching and threads, and items re-purposed as decorative elements in the work. Each piece is it's own size and shape, but they work well together.

Design wise, you go from section to section, your eye moves around it and you are brought into the piece. Notice how the dark color from one goes into the next panel, unifying it.

Merry's technique was good as well, and her embellishment made sense...not just embellishment for embellishment's sake, but choosing items which not only looked good, but looked like they belonged there, not contrived.

The pieces have great depth and texture. You really can't stop looking at it. I actually couldn't stop taking pictures of it, but blogger only allows me so much.

Merry was all inclusive in the materials she used...cottons, silks, rayons, whatever did the job, she included.


Nancy said...

This is a lovely piece. Thanks so much for posting. I had 3 pieces accepted for the show but could not get there, so seeing the other work is wonderful.
Nancy G Cook

Michigoose said...

It is, Nancy! I'm sorry I didn't color adjust the first image. I'm tempted to add other shots, just because it is just so sumptuous! Lively, rich and wonderful. I also love the pointy bit.

See how the mirrors glisten on the blue part with the sea creatures?

Keep watching, I'll put in more. The show closes August 22, so hopefully others will be able to get there.

Gigi said...

How unusual, interesting, exciting. I can't wait to see it and the others. Gigi Woodrow