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Friday, July 13, 2012

Spam, and I don't mean Spiced Ham

Quite some time ago, I took off the comment requirements on my blog as I was finding that the Captchas were getting more and more difficult for people (including me) to read and Blogger catches almost all spam.

I am quite puzzled as to why people, or bots, bother to put spam on blogs...they are caught by Google and never see the light of day...sometimes one gets through, but then I catch them and delete them as I do maintain this site with a pretty eagle eye....

Every once in a while a comment is made which puzzles MIGHT be spam, and it might not.  I have deleted those as well...but recently I left one up because I just couldn't figure it out...although it doesn't seem to relate to the was a person advising me to take chemotherapy for my stage IV cancer....uh..I've been doing that for a long time...15 years ago, I underwent 9 twenty-four hour doses of Taxol over a 9 month period.  This, and the radiation, mastectomy and prophylactic oophrectomy kept me with no evidence of disease until Feb. 2010 (or the end of 2009 when my pelvis finally fractured, although I had been saying I had pain up until then).  At that point, I took Abraxane by IV weekly for 3 weeks, the one week off for 9 months.  That failed after about three months and I tried hormonal therapies, which failed after 2 months.  For the last three months, I've been taking a chemotherapy called Xeloda, which is administered in a pill form.  So...chemo is an old acquaintance of mine....

What would you do, scrap the comment, or leave it up?

and now....I'm craving spam.  Too bad I don't have any...fried spam for breakfast is a "food" from my childhood that I often think of...but never purchase as the sodium levels, fat levels, and most everything else about it just isn't good for you..but the taste buds remember fondly.  I bet dollars to donuts that I wouldn't like it if I gave in.

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