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Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Batt Signal!

My local quilt guild, the Batty Binders of Troy, OH are a pretty cool bunch of women, and do things in the spirit of "old time quilters."

That is...when someone is in need, they put out a Batt Signal.  Last week, Beth Ann Miller put out a call for help.  On July 11, she started making a double wedding ring quilt with a single arc to be done in blocks for guests to sign at her daughter's wedding....on Sept. 1.

121 Blocks need to be completed and backed with freezer paper to stabilize them for signing before then.....that is a total of 1,573 pieces to be cut and sewn.

On July 11, I helped her learn how to make a double wedding ring, with tips on pinning and sewing...something which surprised one of our excellent traditional quilters as she thought I only did art quilts...

After a week of pinning and sewing on her own, BethAnn despaired of being able to finish on her own, so she called for some help.

Yesterday, I joined a group of women at her house...some of us pinned, some of us pressed, and a couple of us sewed.  We put together a lot of the arcs, but there are still more to be done, and we will meet again next week to try to pound this out.
Beth Ann is a lot more relieved as she feels that with the help of her friends she will be able to get all of this done in time for the wedding....along with the hemming, and other things she has to do as the mother of the bride.

I think it is really cool that this togetherness really works....and if you think this is a group of people who have known each other for years, think again.  One of the participants only joined the BB'ers about 4 months ago.  I joined in 2005....others, including Beth Ann were there at the beginning of the group.

Some people stopped in after work.  Some came in in the morning and left.  I was there from 12:30 until 9:00....what a great, and fun, bunch of people...and the topics of discussion would probably curl most of our husband's hair ....if they only knew what a bunch of wild women we really art..


Diane Doran said...

I love that you send out "Batt Signals" - what a great group.

Lisa Broberg Quintana said...

Thanks, Diane. I Keep on thinking we need to get a ginourmous Kleig light and shine a needle and thread into the sky when we need help....only the internet is so much more reliable than the Kleig Light!