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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Brother Andrew's Quilts at M.E.E.C.

Brother Andrew Kosmowski is a Marrianist brother who quilts.  I wrote about him last year, here.

This year, he entered two quilts into the Marianist Environmental Education Center's show.  At left is his crazy quilt.
This piece, made from a printed panel with additions is "Cranes and Asian Foxes".  Bro. Andy made this two sided, but it was hung so you only saw the front.

Brother Andrew (aka Bro. Andy ) sent me a photo showing the back.

I regret that the overhead lights made my photos sooo yellow.  But this is just a quilty snippet for you to enjoy.

1 comment:

Bro Andrew said...

Dear Lisa,

I forgot to tell you why I named the quilt "Cranes and Asian Foxes". Cranes are obvious. Asian Foxes comes from the name of the BOM from that I took part in. The store called them "Asian Foxes" or something like that.