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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Roxanne Lessa's Roadmap

Lately, I've been sort of spinning my wheels.  I've been trying to take care of the house (seemingly a loosing battle), trying to get rid of things and trying to work  on some quilts.  There's a ton of quilting I'd like to do to enter some shows coming up in September....but I'm having  a hard time starting.

Going for doctor's appointments, handling the stuff that comes up, looking in dismay at my very weedy (and dry) garden....and sorting through tons of stuff...well, it's just easy to get distracted and not get a lot done...and then, of course, there's my low red blood cell count which means that in the evenings, I'm sometimes just too pooped to blog...or do much else actually.

Today, Roxanne Lessa came up with a wonderful blog about having a roadmap derived from Christine Kane's from her Uplevel Your Productivity, because, and I totally agree with her here, being successful at whatever you do requires discipline...something I have to keep on having in the front of my brain.

Roxanne broke it up into an on ramp, driving down the highway, and an off ramp.  I really suggest you take a look at her post....and maybe incorporate a thought or two...if not, you can just enjoy her wonderful quilts in the gallery.

Now, off to get the stuff ready for tomorrow's work on a nautical piece.....

PS.  You can find more about Christine Kane's program here:


Roxane Lessa said...

OMG Lisa, imagine my surprise when I opened your email to find your blog post. Thanks so much for sharing me with your followers! Please tell them the roadmap is not my idea- it's Christine Kane's from her Uplevel Your Productivity. I'm glad it speaks to you too. She's so real that it is easy to learn from her. I am so inspired by YOU and what you manage to get done at all given your circumstances. You amaze me. You should know what an extraordinary person you are.

Lisa Broberg Quintana said...

Lol...done and done. I even put in links. Seriously, if you saw my office right now, you'd say...OH MY! But thanks for your kind words....and you never know who is going to be reading your blogs...bwahhhhahahha.
;) Lisa