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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Losing Part of our Heritage

 When I was in high school, my mom used to tease me that she was going to find two bumperstickers for me.  One was to say "I brake for barns." the other was to say "I brake for cemeteries."  I love both, and you probably have noticed my love for old barns just by reading my blog.

I suppose part of it is that when I was a child, I lived on a road which we were the only house on the entire road which was about 2 miles long.  I most often played by myself, and the barn with its lofts was  a favorite place.

A couple of weeks ago, we had two very large windstorms which came through.  They didn't bring us much rain, but they brought us some pretty significant destruction.

I have been worried about this barn....although it was painted with a quilt pattern not too long ago, I noticed this spring it was missing many shingles and the roof line was beginning to look a little swaybacked.

It was build probably around the 1910s and in all likelyhood was a dairy barn.  It stood in West Milton, Ohio, on the east side of Rt. 48 just south of town.  According to a friend, it managed to survive the more significant blow on Friday, but when Sunday's second bout came through, it crumbled.  I am hoping that one of the German Baptist barn salvage people will come and at least salvage some of the wood...but I suspect that because of it's collapse, it is too dangerous and will probably be burned.

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DailyArt said...

Lisa, that is really a shame. seems like someone should be able to salvage wood; old window frames make great frames for multi-media art projects.