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Friday, April 27, 2012

Mad Deadline Dash to the End of May....

 I need to have my head examined. all probably knew that before.  At the end of March, I went to the SAQA conference, then there was Easter, then 5 days spent with the International Quilt Festival (I went down on Wednesday), doctors visits (a lot of them, with spraining my foot at IQF and with starting the new Chemotherapy, and the failure of the previous drugs and the P.E.T. scan)...and the opening of the SAQA Ohio regional show in Zanesville (2 1/2 hours away).

I usually try to enter the Marianist Environmental Education Center's art show.  Every spring, they have a show which is themed...this year's theme was "Living Green."  I prefer to put in new pieces rather than use pieces I've already done.  I especially make sure that my pieces fit the theme.

This little piece is called "The Stream" after my friends vetoed "The Waste Stream."  The base for it was made from a pair of shorts which were consigned to the rag bag because I had mended them so many times and the fabric was thin enough that I put my fingers through the leg one day.

I free-motion quilted the stream with some rocks, and added rocks made from a used Tyvek mailing envelope which I had painted with acrylic paints and "tortured" with my heat gun.  The fish were made from a pop (soda) can that I cut then filed the edges so they weren't so sharp, and then used Adirondak alcohol inks to give them color.

The white water is made from an old produce bag, and I also used the gold and green mesh bags that apples and Vidalia onions are purchased in.  The netting, sheers, and various greens were all scrap.  The backing is fabric that a friend had cut away from her borders (she's a long arm quilter and thus had quite a bit which was scrap), and the batting was Quilter's Green....which I don't as a general rule like as it is very thin...but it is made from recycled plastic bottles.

I am now madly trying to finish quilting and binding two quilts, one of which is very traditional, These need to be done by Wednesday as the Miami Valley Quilters Guild (Dayton Area) show is going up on Thursday with the the show being held on Friday and Saturday (Green County Fairgrounds, Xenia, Ohio).  Saturday, I'm demonstrating some art quilt techniques for the Batty Binder's Quilt Guild of Troy (my really local guild which is very small).

The end of the month is the due date for Art and Old Lace (which I have started) as well as the due date for the Aullwood Nature Center Show.

Not to mention the other show's I'd like to put stuff in....

And to top things off....I decided to buy an old Ken Quilts 622 machine and quilting table because I'm having trouble with my hands free-motioning on my domestic sewing machine....and I'm also spoiled because I used a friends long arm and decided I far prefer moving the pencil over the paper rather than moving the paper under the pencil (free-motion quilting on a domestic means you're moving the quilt (the paper) under the needle (the pen) whereas on a long arm or a machine mounted on a track, you're moving the machine over the quilt (paper). Which means, I have to clean out the area to put it because I have to pick it up from my friend as she bought a new really cool, up to the minute long arm set up. make things really interesting, my daughter has developed TMJ and we had to retrieve her from college (3 hours away, so a total of 6 hours down and back, to be repeated tomorrow) to get that taken care of and I started new chemotherapy....hopefully, I don't have any side effects and it works.

I really shouldn't be doing little silly quilts like "The Stream" as they aren't really helping me progress...but maybe they least it is giving me practice, but it is a venue that I believe in and want to support.  But I really have to get back to the nitty gritty.....I must admit, finishing these two quilts for the traditional show feels I started in 2001; the other is an art quilt done in the style of the button blankets of the Northwest tribes....and I started that one about 3 or 4 years ago.

Meanwhile, my garden is thumbing its nose at me while growing copious numbers of weeds.


Gerrie said...

I was feeling sorry for myself until I read this. Lisa, you are such a stalwart trooper. You always inspire be to be a better person. On another note, what did you think of the 12 x 12 exhibit?

Sending you some hugs.

Sue King Textile Artist said...

Oddly enough I have been having the same "I must be out of my mind experience," lately, most likely because I have been involved with many of the same events you have attended in the last month. I think making these smaller pieces can keep a person going when there is so little time for art in our busy lives. I'm interested
to hear your comments about the long arm as I am on the verge of making a decision and I was wondering about the pencil on top of the paper method. Thanks.

Pam Geisel - For Quilts Sake said...

Oh I love the Stream quilt! I can't wait to see it in person. It is amazing how much you do considering how much you have on your plate, but the art stuff is good for your soul.

Bro Andrew said...

I sent two pieces to the MEEC art show this year. One's a crazy quilt, the other is double-sided with cranes on one side and a block-of-the-month on the other.

Lisa Broberg Quintana said...

Gerrie, I'm posting about the 12 x 12 tonight. Sue, this "long arm" is an oldie--basically an industrial machine with not a terribly long arm...actually I suppose it is more of a short arm) on a moving track with three rails....I think it will be easier on my hands since I'm having so much trouble with them, and I won't have very much money into it if I decided it doesn't work.

Thanks, Pam! and Brother Andrew, I'll look forward to seeing your work at the show!

Vivien Zepf said...

Hey there; hope your fingers are feeling better after all that stitching. Since you always write so graciously about other people's work I thought you might want to know that Kathy Loomis called out your piece in the Zanesville show. Go check out her blog at . A nice review of your work!

Cathy Perlmutter said...

You are making great things under crazy life circumstances. You're an inspiration! The Stream is fabulous.