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Friday, April 6, 2012

Art Quilts Elements: Dianne Firth

One of my absolute favorite pieces at Art Quilts Elements at the Wayne Art Center is Dianne Firth's "Red Stones #2".

Dianne graciously sent me a photo as I didn't take one of her piece per se, because she wasn't there to get permission....and I DO follow that as much as possible.

Diane Firth's Red Stones #2, photo supplied by the artist.  All rights reserved.

Susan Else with "Forever Yours" and Dianne Firth's Red Stones in the background

I don't think that the photograph really shows it to its best effect, but I imagine it is really hard to get a good image of.  I was intrigued by the shadows that the red felt ovals left...of course as the light changes, the shadows would move.

You can see it a little better, or what I'm talking about in this picture I used yesterday of Susan can see Dianne's piece in the background and you can see how different it appears than in her own photograph.

When I asked Dianne to share something about her work with me, this is what she said:

"This diptych quilt continues a series of explorations I have made over the last decade where I have been attempting to capture the ephemeral qualities of air, water, wind, mist, clouds, rain, sunlight, etc through a combination of solid and sheer fabrics. In 'Red Stones #2' I am trying to capture the movement of water over river-worn stones. It is quite abstracted and ordered, but during the making I really had a sense of being in the elements. I have used felt for the stones and bedded them between two layers of nylon net. It is machine quilted and the 'stones' are painted to create a three dimensional effect. The size is 139cm in height by 122cm wide."

The painting on the stones is absolutely dead on.....and I loved looking at it.  I loved how the air moved through the pieces and the nuance in them, while still having a very graphic pull.

I guess it is no surprise that both Dianne and Susan Else shared in the Juror's Choice award...well done!

You can see more on Art Quilts Elements here.


Vivien Zepf said...

I loved this piece by Dianne, too. It read like a tapestry to me.

Kristin L said...

Diane's work always appeals to me whenever and wherever I see it. The graphic simplicity, the quality, and the sheer beauty of it always impress.