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Monday, April 16, 2012

Halla! International Quilt Festival Cincinnati

Sign at Duke Energy Convention Center, Cincinnati, OH
"Halla!!!" Yes, I know this isn't how you really spell it, but every time I look at this sign I smile and think of my daughter yelling "Holla!"  This is the sign for Hall A, at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.  For the last two years, the International Quilt Festival has been held here, having moved from Rosemont (near Chicago).

Last year I went and worked for Iris Karp at Mistyfuse, and I did the same this year.  My intentions were good....I brought camera, iPad, laptop, cables, etc....but I found after working at the show all day, I was just too tired to blog afterwards!

Vendor set up, International Quilt Festival Cincinnati 2012
I stayed at the Millenium Hotel with a friend starting on Wed. night as she was taking a class Thursday morning.  On Thursday morning, I wend on the floor to Iris' booth to put down rubber pads I had brought from home and to bring in my stool....last year I had neither and between the pelvis fracture and the chemo drugs...I was in agony and I resolved NOT to do that this year.

If you've ever wondered what set up looked like, here it is.  I was on the upper gallery looking down onto the floor.  See the golf cart going by? It's rolling along on plastic covered carpet.  Other parts had yet to get the carpet down. In other areas, however, the carpet had been laid and the plastic partially removed.

International Quilt Festival Cincinnati 2012 vendor set up

Here's one of the vendors working as fast as possible to get out their wares.

International Quilt Festival Cincinnati, OH Vendor set up 2012

Quilt Display, prior to opening 4/12/12 International Quilt Festival 2012 Cinci
That plastic caused me no end of grief.  After setting up my part of the booth, I walked away and tripped on some of the plastic, because of the neuropathy in my foot, I couldn't tell where my foot was.  I thought I cleared it, but all too quickly found that I had injured my foot!  My own darn of the issues one gets with cancer treatment and I'm still learning to live with. Fortunately, it was only a sprain, but it meant that one more year I was hobbling around the place.  NOT a good thing if you want to see everything!

I love attending this show.  I worked in the SAQA booth and had some really enlightening conversations with Nysha Nelson.  There's nothing better than the opportunity to talk art with other interested people.  I always come away with new and better perspective.

Of course, the vendors are really cool too, but I try to limit myself there.  The quilts, now that's the thing!  Quilts from around the world....several of the SAQA exhibitions, Quilt National, the Twelve by Twelve show, the Soft Village, O Canada.....just absolutely wonderful!  So many ideas and so much to share!

I can't recommend going highly enough.


ann said...

I went to Houston once. I'd love to go again. I spent 3 days looking at quilts. That was so much FUN!

Jeanne Marklin said...

The lighting looks much better than most shows in big halls. Good for IQA for getting it right!

Lisa Broberg Quintana said...

Ann, I doubt I'll ever get to Houston! I think it would do me in, Paducah once was enought...just visually overwhelmed.

Jeanne, yes, it is pretty well lighted. One disadvantage though, is that the cords run under the carpet and thus create a little un-even ground. A number of people commented to me about that and thought that I had tripped on the cords (no, a much bigger obstacle!). However, I don't think you can get away from that. They taped the cords as flat as possible with gaffers (duct) tape, then covered with the carpet. It was a very good show...although I kind of felt that the Twelves weren't shown to their best advantage....but I just might be a tad prejudiced.

Iris said...

Well I TRIED to get you to take breaks and conserve some energy. But I think you have only one speed.... full throttle. So glad the ankle turned out to be a sprain and not a break. But don't let that keep you from giving it time to heal. Take it easy please! Thank you so much for everything! You are beyond amazing!