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Saturday, April 28, 2012

12 x 12 at International Quilt Festival, Cincinnati

Yesterday, Gerrie Congdon asked me about what I thought of the 12 x 12 exhibition at the International Quilt Festival (IQF) Cincinnati.  I'm glad she did because in my nuttiness lately, I completely forgot about commenting on it!

As I reported in an earlier post, Del Thomas graciously sponsored the exhibition of the theme series and the color play series at IQF Houston, Cincinnati and Long Beach.  I was anxious to see them as I "cyber-know" several of the twelves, have been following them since they started putting up information on the web and I own "Twelve by Twelve" the book....  I have to admit, 288 quilts was A WHOLE LOT!  You could sit and look at them for a long time...Here's a taste of the show....I don't much like this part of the show sort of got a little choppy, I suppose because there were so many quilts.  I am also not fond of the break int he hangings, but I suspect it was for emergency equipment or egress.

The lighting could have been a little better over in this corner, but they did have to work within the confines of the building, available space, electricity, etc.

I did like that the information on the quilts, with a photo of the quilt was right there in front of the quilts. In some of the other exhibitions, you had to struggle to find the right stand holding the information on the quilt in front of you.

I'm happy to report that it was very well received.  While I worked at the SAQA desk, which wasn't far from the 12 x 12 exhibition, a couple of people came over and asked if we had the book. We didn't, but I was able to point them in the right direction.  You can too!  Just go here for a full list of where you can obtain it, and I recommend that you do because they are so rich and I love the extended commentary and the lighting is a heck of a lot better in my home.... Of course, the color play series isn't included in the book as that series post dated the submissions for it.

It was wonderful, however to get a close up view and to be able to see all the stitches.

The exhibition of the 12s literally ran all along one wall from the back to the front of the show floor.  You can see the Artist Village which was nearer the front  with the 12s still running behind it.

Of all of the series....I'm afraid that Terry Grant's challenge of orange was my favorite. I am seduced by orange and I found this particular selection joyous.  How can you look at these quilts and not smile?

Top row, L-R: Hibiscus, Deborah Boschert; Endless Summer, Gerrie Congdon; Drought, Helen Conway; 2nd row: Central Park, Kirsten Duncan; Orange Lilies, Terry Grant; John Lennin's Glasses, Diane Perin Hock; row 3: Focus, Francoise Jamart; Enjoy the Delicious Twelve Brand, Kristen LaFlamme); Orange, Karen Rips; Row 4: Suits, Brenda Gael Smith; Bouquet by Terri Stegmiller; Short Summer by the Inch, Nikki Wheeler.  (sorry the bottom row is obstructed....


Gerrie said...

Thank you for posting this, Lisa. I was wondering what the show looked like in this venue. I think it was much better displayed in Houston. I know there were different constraints, here. I like the orange mosaic, too.

Terry said...

So glad you loved the orange! We loved seeing how the colorplay groups looked together. It is such a thrill to see them hanging.

Lisa Broberg Quintana said...

I agree Gerrie....i was disappointed in that...but I also u dear stand about having to work within the space. I felt with all the turns, it lacked cohesiveness. However, I am very grateful to have been able to see it. I know my shots aren't the best but I wanted you all, and del to be able to see what it looked like. I know that I want to know how my stuff looks when it goes off without me.

Kristin L said...

Thanks for the report! While the placement of the poles and drapes was not optimal, I really do like that our work was paired with the Artists Village. We are a community working together and so is it. The two collections make good neighbors. My fingers are crossed that our area is set up in Long Beach similarly to how it was in Houston AND that the village is nearby. :-)

Deborah Boschert said...

Thanks so much for this great post, Lisa. It's just delightful to see how the exhibit looks in different spaces and we continue to be so thrilled that it is out there in the world and people are enjoying it!

Del said...

Thanks, Lisa. Not the most optimum display arrangement, but I am so glad the quilts were there for quilters to study. I'm looking forward to Long Beach. Love, Del

MrsBuckeye said...

We drove 3 hours so go to the show .. hubby wasn't so sure at first but he had to admit, he thought it was interesting :)

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