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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

IQF 2012 Cincinnati: Artist Village Project

One of the fun things to get a chance to see "up close and personal" was the Artist Village Project organized by Kathy York.  Kathy's work is exhuberent and often has squares and three dimensional elements in bright colors.  After seeing Judy Coates Perez's work, she thought it would be fun to do an artists village and ask a number of people to join in...The village debut was at Houston last November....with a blog tour in May.

One thing which made me grumpy about this was that while the artists involved were listed, the houses weren't identified.  Although some were very easy for me to spot, others were artists with whom I wasn't familiar....therefore, I thought I was going to be able to put up this blog post easily...instead I was researching who did what houses for two hours tonight.... The house with the squares and the orange on the roof is Kathy's.  She describes the meaning of her house here. 

The little purple pointy house and the bluish traditionally sort of shaped house right in the center I think are Jane Davila's.  The rusty brown house on the left with the viney shapes is Judy Coates Perez's. The little rectangles in front of the roof line of Kathy's house are Lisa Call's "affordable housing", taking inspiration from some of the work being done to provide low cost housing.

The yellow and multicolored house in the front here covered in buttons is Frances Holliday Alford's.  The wild loopy house center right is Laura Wasilowski's. Just to the left of Frances' house is a corner of Barb Forester's which resembles a pueblo.

The black wavy roofed house on the left here is Jamie Fingals.  The butterfly roofed one is Connie Hudson's.  The pointy house right with the "granite" roof right in front of the butterfly house is Melani Testa's.

This was the first one I figured out...remember me saying a couple of posts ago how recognizeable Susan Else's work was?  Well this little person looking out the window and the palette is a dead giveaway for Susan's work.  Such a delight!

One of the fun things about Susan's is that the inside is full of trees and vines.  The tree is Naomi Adams' tree house and I could have looked far more closely at the trees if I had had more time.

I am pretty sure that the house on the left with the nuthatch is Vickie Hallmark's. On the right is Jamie Fingals again from a different angle.

I know I am missing some of these....this is where a few well placed small labels or number or something would have been a world of help!

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Gerrie said...

Terry Grant and I spent a long time in Houston figuring out who made which house. I think we did quite well.