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Monday, April 23, 2012

Creative Statements: SAQA OH at Zanesville Museum of Art

Sue King and "Farhrenheit"

Susan Shie, Sue King, Carole Staples, and unknown.

Quilts at Zanesville,.  From left, Kathleen Loomis: Postage 6: Epidemic; Debra Bentley June's Dementia; Frauke Palmer  "Thin Green Line", Carole Gary Staples "Chillin'"

I'm afraid that I didn't get a lot of photos, I intend to take some more when I go back later.

One thing which you can see on the above photograph is that the lighting is a bit odd...I think the cans need to be re-directed. 
 This is going to be short and suddenly dawned on me on Thursday, that I was running out of time....2 small pieces to be done by Wednesday (I'd prefer them done and delivered tomorrow); two large works to be done by May 3, and a whole host of other things.....What happened to April? Oh, right...SAQA conference, Easter, and IQF, and Saturday's opening of the Studio Art Quilt Associates Ohio Regional Show at the Zanesville Museum of Art.

It's hard to believe that just two years ago, Sue King asked us to brainstorm as to what we wanted.  Number one priority was a regional show.  Sue, and Shelly Brenner Baird, Terry Ann Hartzell and Kris Worthington managed a herculean task and got Kathleen Loomis to jury our first show.  The Zanesville Museum of Art hosted this show which showcases the works of 27 artists.

My husband, my neighbor and I ventured over to Zanesville for the opening on Saturday which was really fun.  At left you can see Susan Shie, Carole Gary Staples taking a picture of Sue King.  Just in the far left, you can see my little piece.

Dee Dadik and Molly Butler in front of Jancy McClellan-Ryan's "Battles" 

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Sue King Textile Artist said...

Thanks for your kind words and publicizing this event Lisa. You are too modest to mention that you have a wonderful textural piece in the show. Hope everyone will stop in to see it. Sue