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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Getting By with a Little Help from My friends

Things are getting really crazy around Casa Quintana.  While I thought that I was only going to receive six months of chemo, I have been put on it indefinitely --until my tumor markers drop below 30 or I start showing problems with toxicity.  So, this month I started treatment 7. 

Mother Nature waits for no man, or woman and although I've been fatigued, I must get the garden ready for my daughter's graduation party at the end of May in addition to prepping the house should we have to have it inside....and things are topsy turvey as I emptied out my sewing room thinking (wrongly) I'd put down the flooring I bought in November and get to paint the rooms.  Plus, things have just gotten out of hand with my treatment.

On top of that, I'm finishing up two smallish quilts for an exhibition in Dayton along with a bunch of other things.  To help out, my former neighbor from Meriden, CT, Susan Varanka, came down to help.  Yesterday, quilty friend Chris Landis joined us for a rapid fire weeding and edging session so we could put down mulch. It has been so rainy that it is a struggle to get things ready.  Chris spent the better part of the day with us yesteday and today, another MVAQN quilty friend, Lori Gravley joined us to finish up the weeding in front and lay down mulch.  On top of this, tonight is my daughter's prom night.

I just came off a treatment on Thursday and so the steroids kept me going yesterday and for the better part of today.  We got most of the front yard mulched...three more smaller beds and we'll be large one needs to be weeded.  Then, I'll start on the backyard.  Lots of work to do and very little time to do it in, especially for this old bird who will have to crash and recover from the treatment.

Without great friends like these who don't mind getting down and dirty in the garden, I'm simply not going to make it.  Thanks so much for your help guys. It's looking great.


Sherrie Spangler said...

You are truly an inspiration!

Gerrie said...

Sherrie is right. You could easily curl up in a ball and feel sorry for yourself - you are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, I am one of the Gig Harbor Comfort Quilter that you said we are the tops. WRONG, you are the tops for doing all you do and showing us that life is really worth fighting for. Congratulations to you and your fight to get things done in so many ways.


Michigoose said... guys are too kind. I basically wrote this as an explanation as to why I had gone AWOL. It was my intent to keep up with this almost daily...and I've been among the missing as I crawl out of the fatigue plus over drive moments.

I delivered one quilt to the Center, waved goodbye to Susan, and will (tomorrow) finish up my Fast Friday Challenge piece which was supposed to be the second piece in the exhibition. I really thought I was going to be able to get it done EARLY! lol.

Thank you all for your kind words...Lisa