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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Art Quilts: What are they and How do you make them? Tutorials/tips Part 5

Isn't this tree just great? It's another Batty Binder's "Twisted Stitcher's" play with water soluable oil pastels. I think Becky Goodwin did this one.

Are you sick of tutorials yet? There's still a ton and they are rabbits!  Lyric Kinard just posted about Artspark's tutorials.  She invites you to  to Artspark's Spring Tutorial Fling! "lots of fun tutorials to get you creative sap flowing
Incised Fun Foam Stamping: Melanie Testa
Recycled Slip cover for a small book : Gwen Diehn
MP3 case: Kelli Nina Perkins

Liz Kettle has a bunch on her Fiber Explorations forum.  You'll have to sign into the forum in order to be able to read it but it is well worth it.  In addition, you can peruse the great activities/classes that they have available at their retreat center.  download them.
Topics are:
Quilt as you go table runner
Printing on ribbon (inkjet printer)
Thread painted flower embellishments
Reverse appliqué journal cover
Weaving fabric for a base and project ideas
Making a memory book-printing on fabric

Silvia Dell'Aere is an Italian art quilt maker and she has quite a few tutorials on her blog.  Some of them are general quilt making information:

How to hide threads at the end of seams
How I did my naked men (for a prize winning quilt):
These tutorials are both in Italian and English, if you see Italian text you can change language with the link on the side. Sometimes I just see if I can read it in Italian for fun. :)

Sue Andrus won some Derwent Inktense blocks on Facebook and it didn't take her too long to put up a tutorial on using them. "I just finished a blog post showing what I have done so far with a new set of Derwent Inktense Blocks that I won from a Facebook Promo.... I have had the set of 36 of their Inktense Pencils that I got as a splurge for myself, and the blocks are the same pigment in block form, much like a pastel.  I also found that some blender pens for using with water soluble pastels for scrapbooking have been working very well with the pencils and blocks..". 

She also has some on sunprinting, photo transfer, and preserving leaves for printing on her other blog here.  

Wen Redmond who does a lot with surface design and image transfer...some very lovely things has some tutorials on her blog as well as a You-Tube channel with tutorials.   

Gloria Hansen, who wrote Digital Essentials  shared this:  I  have several tutorials on my website and blog.
Understanding lens aperture;
pre-coats for inkjet printing
how to make a repeating pattern
how to make a quilt sleeve
how to create a panoramic image
info on color management
I've a free chapter from my book regarding image protection on the web
and other stuff.  :)

Gloria Hansen
blog: <>
author: Digital Essentials,

Judy Ferguson shared her work on her main blog called, "Gallery Hanging Tutorial." It covers mounting fiber art onto foam board and using a hanging device with wire. Also, Frame It Yourself, using the float mount method on foam board.

I probably should be listing these by type, but I found that there were so many and I didn't want to split each person's up. Bear with me!  More is yet to come!


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