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Monday, April 4, 2011

Art Quilts and quilts: How do you make them? Tutorials/tips Part 6

My sister-in-law Barb did this little sketch of a horse..not surprising, she comes from Montana.

So, we are back into it! Since we sort of left off with some more digital ends of things, I think I'll pick up that that as well.  Holly Knott has tutorials on how to take close-up photographs as well as the more pedantic "how to make a double fold binding" on her blog.  But!  If you've ever needed to know how to take photographs for submittal to exhibitions (or whatever)  at the top of her website/blog in the navbar, “Shoot That Quilt” is a multi-page tutorial on how to photograph your quilts.

Carole Grant has information on making "hair" on quilts and instructions for making a chatelaine (the stole like variety, not the little etui kind of ones (with chains and such).  Look on her website at the top navigation bar and you'll see "Tutorials."

Janice Paine-Dawes has a tutorial on using glue resist (kind of like batik) here.  Her ATC blog has several tutorials on  wet felting, bleeding tissue paper fabric, Tyvek beads and stitching on watercolor paper.  Her regular blog is "The Distoriated Quilter." It is an odd sort of a name for a blog, but she explains that that was what was written on her judging sheet at a show once.  It took me quite some time to figure out that the person who wrote it was saying her quilt or quilting was distorted!  You probably got it right away.

Please God, just let us save this one until next winter...but, Karen Fridy has a tutorial on snow-dying.  Love to snow-dye...just not now, please.  

Katherine Sands also has information on dyeing and other fun stuff.  Scroll down the right side of her blog and you'll see a bar which says "Good Reading Material."  There, you'll find information on soda soaking cloth, making paper cloth, using unusual materials and one on breakdown printing. 

Ann Ruthsdottir shared some fun ideas on her blog. Here they are:

These two are for purses she made...
Margaret Cooter has another type of bag on her website! It's for shipping or storing a quilt:
Now, Joanne Kourtz supplied me with a HUGE list of I'm cutting and pasting them. :)
Vicki Welsh had a listing of her favorite tutorials which I have included below.  You HAVE to go to her website as it is a wonder!

 Some of My Favorite Tutorials

 This week I thought I'd share some of my favorite tutorials from the first 100 issues of Field Tripping the Web.

For Appliquers and Piecers:
For Quilters:
For Art Quilters:
Vicki Welsh
Three Creative Studios

Joanne also gave me the information on Lyric Kinard's tutorial...and I couldn't believe that I hadn't included it already!  She also links to the full list of "Artspark."  So...go here!

Sometimes, I just have egg on my face...Joanne also gave me a whole big listing on Gwendolyn Magee's "Textile Arts Resource."  Since 2008, she has been listing tutorials and information which quilters, particularly ART quilters have shared on the web.  So, go check it out...Some of them I have already mentioned here, but other's I haven't.  Go now...grasshopper and subscribe!!!!  She's got 11 installments.  They include basic information useful to all as well as more specifically arty quilting tutorials.

Last, but not least, Carol Miller of Quilt University has Quilt Terms section in the QU  Library which is free to all and includes many mini-tutorials.  This link takes you directly to the index page.

Carol Miller
Take quilt classes online!

I hope you explore all of these blogs and websites as they are just full of eye candy...of course, it WILL eat into your quilting time, but it might inspire you to do some really great work.

Thanks so much to everyone who contacted me and shared their information....AND put it up on line for everyone's benefit.  

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