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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bunnies, Easter and flowers

Troy has an excellent bakery called "The Bake House."  Not exactly an inspired name, but it works.  I adore Hot Cross Buns and yesterday my husband kindly took me down to get a pan since as of this morning, they will not be available...Hot Cross Buns traditionally are only available during Lent.

I was tickled to see this little offering, a bunny shaped loaf of bread.  Had I known that they made them, I would have ordered one for Maggie, my husband's cousin with whom we will share Easter dinner.  Maggie has a house bunny named Nibbles.  The lady at the cash register said that the bunny loaves (no, not Bunny Bread which is a commercially prepared loaf somewhat akin to Wonderbread) were so popular that they had to stop taking orders.

Some of their other Easter/Spring wares.
The storefront.  My husband loves the counter...a large 19th century oak and walnut wonder which was salvaged from another old building, although the building that the bakery occupies is a 19th or early 20th century row building which faces Troy's town square.
I'm a little bummed...Meggie deigned to decorate eggs with me last night.  I love doing it, but since she wasn't interested and I'm so tired, I skipped it.  I admit, I did make her a large Easter Basket with running items and plenty of Winan's chocolate (another local product).  Dear Hubby got a pound of coffee with an Easter sticker on it.  For all my daughter's "I'm too old for that!"  She did produce several squeals when she looked at her basket....which I didn't bother to hide.
These are my Big Chief tulips...they change color over time and I love the silky texture and the bright colors. 

I skipped going to church today...each chemo treatment is harder than the last and I'm not on round 7.  The neuralgia in my ribs returned as did pain in my pelvis.  Not fun.  Dear daughter and hubby went to church...where they sang what I call "Baseball Hymns."  These are hymns usually written in the 1920s which have sort of a forceful meter...and at the end of them, I want to yell "PLAY BALL!"  One is "He Lives" which I hope you can hear here:
Or maybe you'd prefer the other baseball hymn they played today..."Up from the Grave He Arose"   Funny....they really sound like each other.

  These hymns are ones from my childhood.  When I was really little, we attended a non-denominational church in the country and I think the hymnals were probably printed in the 1940s.  When we moved to Athens, Michigan, the choir was all men (including my father who sang bass) led by an old lady named Ethel Reebs.    Ethel specialized in old hymns like this for anthems...I still think of them fondly even though I detest the hymns.

Sorry for my trip down memory lane into matters sort of religious...more quilts and gardens later.


Sherrie Spangler said...

I hope you feel better soon. Love your tulips!

Gerrie said...

So sorry that the chemo is making you feel tired and achy, but hopefully, it is doing a number on the cancer. Sending warm Easter thoughts.

Michigoose said...

Thanks, Sherrie. I shared your blog with Bunner's pictures with my niece and cousin who both have house bunnies. I was hopping to get a shot of nibbles but didn't get a good one.

Thanks too Gerrie! I need to get over the bummed spot...thanks for the help.

Robbie said...

So where is this 'bake shop'? Yum!

Michigoose said...

Troy's Public Square, Troy, the intersection of Market St. and Main (Rte. 41 and 25)...south west quadrant...and when you're done, you can go have a wonderful dinner at The Caroline or if you want great Italian, La Piazza.

Bakehouse has a website:

Give me a call...I'll even spring for a cookie!


Shady Character said...

That bunny loaf makes me smile. I have to avoid bakeries in general or I'd weigh 900 pounds.

It sounds like you're handling things the way you're handling things. No surprise you get bummed once in a while. You're fighting cancer, after all. I hope you get some time to just sit and admire your flowers in the coming weeks. I know I would if the rain would stop here!