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Friday, April 1, 2011

Art Quilts: What are they and How do you make them? Tutorials/tips Part 4

Loraine Smith's practice with watersoluable pastels at Batty Binder's Art Quilt exploration. here we are on the 4th installment....again, lots of really good information here for people interested in all sorts of things.....

Dena Crain emailed me with this information not only about what she has on her blog, but another! I'm pasting it just as she emailed me here...(so yell at me for being lazy, but I do not see the utility in re-inventing the wheel or the needle).

Tutorials on my (Dena's) blog include:

There are numerous tips for quilting that you can find by clicking Topics/Quilting/Quilting Tips & Tutorials in the sidebar at right.

Gwen Magee's fabulous blog (wish mine was that good!), Textile Arts Resource Guide has PAGES of tutorials listed.

Dena - in Kenya

I love the mosquito net one....this is so important in a variety of tropical countries to ward of malaria and other insects which carry disease.   

Lately, in order to protect small art quilts or in some cases to highlight the "art end" , as well as for a variety of other reasons,  we are matting and framing our pieces....or sometimes just matting.  Jeanne Marklin has included a matting segment here.

Linda Peterson has lots of information on her blog....from things as basic as a hand piecing primer (something I absolutely adore as I find it very relaxing and zen addition to being a great thing to take to a sporting event or doctor's office), to discharging dyes on fabric,  and making marionettes.  Just remember, when using bleach it is important to make sure you've got lots of ventilation...outside is good, or you can use Thiox instead...  Anyway, check her website out here.

Judy Warner likes to include links to other blogs with tutorials as well as including her own tutorials from time to time.  Her blog follows her artistic inspiration as well as her trips, photos and other fun stuff.  In case you're getting wrist/hand problems..or are wisely trying to avoid them, check out her entry on hand/wrist exercises.  

Diane Doran has these on her blog:

a tutorial for a tote bag on my blog
and some digital manipulation tips and an explanation/example of creating a digital collage
I think you need to check it out just because of the title of the blog! :) 

Allison Schwabe shares her favorite binding method, the French binding, on her blog.

Christine Thresh has a couple of general ideas on her blog.  One is on a "quick stick and rotary cut" method to ensure accuracy of cuts.  She also has a foundation piecing primer, and  a guideline to choosing sashing.  I'm giving you the link to the whole website as it is sort of fun to poke around. chew on these for a little bit until I can come back and give you EVEN MORE...unless you're already crying uncle...

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addypotter said...

I love the look of art quilts. They are a fun way to display art in your home. I have been searching sewing pattern downloads all day. Maybe I will have to try something like this next. Thanks for the inspiration.