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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fast Friday Fabric Challenge: Leaves Dancing on Water

This dinky little quilt (8 1/2" x 6 1/4") is one I was able to do and get done for the Fast Friday Fabric Challenge this last week...even though I've been having a lot of problems with my fingers.

The challenge was to show movement and/or dance.  Several years ago, I did a drawing which would have been perfect to enter into this challenge, but I couldn't find it.  So, I decided to take some irridescent leaf shaped sequins and some shimmery irridescent sheer and make this little thing.  I quilted it with holographic thread which emphasizes the eddies. 

I'll try to take a close up and put it in at a later date.

It is a pretty little thing...but I don't consider it one of my better works.  Why? Well, it is pretty traditionally Japanese and has been done before.  I didn't look at any images, I just did it from my imagination and played with the leaves to get a pleasing balance yet to show movement.  At least it is for sewing down the binding which I can't do until my hands start behaving.  My fingernails have pretty much de-laminated from the nail bed although it is connected at the bottom. They are sore and numb at the same time.  In addition, I have a slight case of lymphedema from the infection I got in the fingernails when they started to separate....and, to add insult to injury, my eyesight is very blurry from the chemo.  While I hope that it really works and they keep me on it long enough to wipe it out...I'm going to be every so happy to be off it when they finally figure out when that will be.  I had hopes that my next treatment would be my last, but I know that I'm being overly optimistic.   As of next Monday, I will have had 18 treatments.  I'm keeping my fingers, sore as they may be, crossed.


joan sterr said...

lisa, you could put this piece in the aullwood center," Water, everywhere water" you are really dedicated to your art to work thru all your disabilities. bless you. joan

LaughingLG said...

I love this. The movement of the water is lovely. And I agree, it seems just right for Aullwood.