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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sculptures on the Square: Opening Doors to Troy, OH

I think I have mentioned in the past that Troy, Ohio, where I presently live, was blessed to have a foundation started by Troy's "captains of Industry" in the late 19th/early 20th century.  The money they set aside was invested and has grown.  I suspect that others have added to it over the years, but it is used for the betterment and promotion of the city of Troy.  Each year they underwrite lots of projects, non-profit institutions and  scholarships.

In the past, they joined with the Troy Mainstreet organization which is composed of local downtown merchants and the city to host "Sculptures on the Square."  Every other year various sculptures are placed on the town square and for about a block or two beyond. The first couple of years were "rented" traveling exhibitions of one artist who didn't have a connection with Troy.

Then, I think under the "push" from Karen Purke, then the director of the WACO Aircraft Museum  (WACO rhymes with taco and stands for the Weaver Aircraft Corporation which was headquartered in Troy, OH) here in town, they held a sculpture exhibition. 26 fiberglass "blank" WACO designed airplanes were delivered to area artists, non-profit groups and schools who signed up for the project.  The idea was much the same as the famous "Cow Parades", "Flying Pigs" in Cincinnati, and various other fiberglass art.  These were absolutely fabulous and a great hit.  The airplanes were auctioned afterward with funds going to the WACO Museum/airfield.  Some of the purchasers were as far away as New Mexico.  Since most went for over $2,000 I don't have any flying in my back yard.

So, this year, the door theme was brought out.  Old, salvaged doors were provided to 28 local artists and organizations.  Each chose their own interpretation of "Opening Doors to Troy."   Logically enough, the exhibition was sponsored by Clopay, the garage door people who have a factory about 1/4 mile (I originally wrote 1/4"  I guess I really am a quilter through and through!) or less from me.  Other funders the Troy Foundation and the City of Troy.

The exhibition will be up from now until September 17, 2011 after which the doors will be auctioned.  You can find a list of exhibitors and more information here.  As I am able to walk a bit more (I was hurting last night), I will post more.  

Troy is blessed with wonderful restaurants in it's downtown area.  Last night we went to our favorite, The Caroline, which if you are ever passing through on I75 and need a place to eat you must veer 2 miles off the highway to the square and eat here.   About the same price as Applebees or Ruby Tuesday, it has an award winning chef and absolutely fantastic food for all appetites and people wearing casual attire (or not...I've seen really well dressed people there too....just not my spouse :) ).  It is, after all, small town Ohio (I think one of my husband's raves about this place is you can get Guinness on tap).  The interior is wonderfully decorated with art as well...but ..once again, I digress.  We visited last night in honor of what I hope to be my last chemo treatment.  When we went outside, the Cincinnati Symphony orchestra was playing (every Friday in the summer they close traffic to the square (a round-about or rotary) and have live concerts).  Just outside the Caroline was Karen Purke's door.

Karen is a great person and a wonderful photographer.  Here she chose to highlight the "quilt barns" of Miami County.  I have written about them before,   You can read an article about them here and a map may be found here.  You can pick up the brochure, but look at the map ahead of time as you can group them more effectively on your own. I believe we are up to 67 barns or structures with quilt patterns on them with more being added.  In addition there are some which are "unauthorized."  Quite a few are in really lovely areas.  All of the people who have barns painted with quilts from the official site have agreed to allow people to pull in their driveways to take pictures.

I admit, I'm a barn junkie and Karen did a really fun job with her piece.  You can see other pieces of Karen's artwork at her website, "McGuffey Press."  As a historian, naming your printing company after the early school book publishing company just tickles my fancy.


Del said...

A good thing to do - celebrate the end of the round of chemo. We will all keep good thoughts that it has done the trick. I had hoped to go to Athens this year for the QN opening, but it just didn't happen. I'll file The Caroline in my file for 2013 and hope I am still able to do Road Trips. Love the barns.

Michigoose said...

If you can, drop me a line Del...I go every year and this year my dd will be attending OU so that gives another reason... Plus, I'm only about 20 minutes north of I-70 if you're driving across that way. :) It is so cool to be in OH because we have a lot of major quilty things....although I do miss being in the metro NYC/Boston area...there are so many high level classes, exhibitions, etc., and Lowell was only a hop-skip and a jump.

Terry Jarrard-Dimond said...

Thanks for the great post on activities in Troy. Ohio is a great state with wonderful people. Have a fun July 4th!