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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Aullwood Nature Center and Farm 2011 Art Quilt Show

Every year, the Aullwood Nature Center and Farm (Audubon Center) in Englewood, Ohio,  hosts an art quilt exhibition.  The themes vary from year to year, but all are nature based.  The show was started at least by 1996 in conjunction with the Miami Valley (OH) Art Quilt Network.  In 2004, the Audubon Center took complete control of the show. 

This year, the exhibition is called "Water, Water, everywhere" (a little nod to Coleridge's Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner." )  This is the description which went out in the call for entries:  Water is life. From the smallest vernal pool to the Great Lakes; from the warm Caribbean to the icy polar seas; from
the tiny brook to the mighty Mississippi River, water covers three-fourths of our planet. Without water, life is impossible. With pristine water a breathtaking array of plants, insects, animals, fish and birds may flourish. Clean water supports sustainable growth, recreational opportunities and many aesthetic benefits. This exhibit celebrates the world of water."

Although a small show, every year premiere quilt artists from around the country submit their work.  For the last three years at least, Diane Dover of Beaver Creek, Ohio has served as jurror along with the Audubon center's executive Director, Charity Kruegar.

The exhibition is held in a long hall which has "barnboard" on one side and painted drywall on the other.  While best for the conservation of the quilts, the lighting tends to be very dim and photographs of the works are difficult to achieve.  Using available light usually results in darkened photos while flash tends to wash out the quilts.

This year, Aullwood recieved 55 entries of which 42 were selected.  Exhibitors include:  Bonnie Dubbin Askowitz, Nancy M. Bales, Debra Bentley, Melani Kane Brewer, Liese Bronfenbrenner, Martha Lee Burleson, Sandra Palmer Ciolino, Georgie Cline, Anne Garretson, Pam Geisel, Lori Gravley, Maude Haeger, Marilyn Hamaker, Merry Havens, Joan Hersey, Kathleen Hughs, Pat Koth, Fran LaSalle, Mindy Marik, Marla Morris Kennedy, Susan Nash, Liz Piatt, Robbie Porter, Ruth Powers, Melody Randol Suzanne Mouton Riggio, Kathleen Irons Sweeney, and Anne Theobold. 

Although Diane Dover has served as the juror for several years, I do feel that this show continues to be fresh and interesting.  Diane Dover is from Beavercreek, Ohio and primarily makes qtuils with themes from nature.  When I think of the local shows of her work, I think birds..although she had a very interesting selection of pieces including three dimensional works at the Meadowlark Cafe a couple of years ago.  Dover uses both hand and machine work in her pieces.  Unfortunately, Dover doesn't have a web presence so I can't share a whole lot more with you about her work.

Charity Krueger, the executive director at Aullwood According to the call for entries for the exhibit, "she is an artist and has studied and worked in many media. Her artwork and photographs have been featured in books, newspapers, magazines and exhibits."

Ms. Krueger has a quilt collection and the Audubon Center does host a fund raising  auction of Amish Quilts each fall.  One puzzlement for me was a traditional quilt hung at the end of the hall near the entrance to the show.  The quilt had  a tag on it which said it was for sale and to inquire of it to a staff member if you were interested.  I'm not really sure if this was something left from the auction last year or something to entice you to come to the auction this year...a small blip.

I will be sharing the works in the show over the next couple of days.  If you are in the area, the show will run through August 21st. during normal operating hours (Monday-Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Sunday 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.)  The Aullwood Audubon Center is located at 1000 Aullwood Rd., across from the Dayton Metro Parks on State Route 40, very close to the intersection with I-70.  It's easy to get to and  a fun place to visit.  Admission is $4 per person for adults for non-members, but if you have membership at another Audubon Center or another institution which offers reciprocal membership benefits, admission is free. Just bring your valid membership card

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