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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Aullwood: 2011 Lori Gravley

Lori Gravley Wrack Lines VIII:Tidelines 28" x 28" $850
Lori Gravley Wraklines VIII detail
Lori Gravley is another one of my Miami Valley Art Quilt Network friends.  Spurred by a workshop MVAQN member Liz Schneider's did on texture, Lori started exploring the use of yo-yos...and she became addicted.  Actually, making yo-yos is a great thing for her to do while attending her son's sporting events and waiting for him in practice.  While I generally abhor yo-yos, I love Lori's work.

Lori grew up near water, spending most of her teen years on the Florida panhandle.  Most of her work is inspired by the lines of debris that the tide deposits on the beach edges which are called wrack lines.

Lori had three pieces submitted to Aullwood and all three were accepted.  This piece is called Wrack Lines VIII:  Tidelines.  Lori wrote this about her piece:  "the first time I visited Half-Moon Bay on the coast of California, I was surprised by the multiple tide lines.  My father told me that if I looked carefully I could find moonstones among the many pebbles and I spent hours as a teen then again as a young woman walking the tidelines searching for the perfect moonstone."

While these pieces are fairly simple, you can see Lori's masterful understanding of line and composition.  She uses not only the yo-yos for texture but the quilting also gives that wonderful ripple effect you see in the sands.

Lori Gravley Wrack Lines IX: Moonjellies and Starfish 32" x 32" $1,050.00

Lori Gravley Wrack lines IX detail
This piece is called Wrack lines IX:  Moonjellies and Starfish.  She recalls that the beaches on the Florida panhandle are composed of fine quartz particles which in the sun can be blindingly white.  "Walking the wrack line of these beaches up near the sand dunes on a bright sunny morning, you can sometimes find red starfish.  The irredescent fabric of the yo-yos inspired this piece."

I think this is one of her most breath taking works..unfortunately, the white and iridescent fabric makes it almost impossible to photograph in any way which does justice to it.
Lori Gravley Wrack Lines IX detail
Lori Gravley Wrack Lines X Winter Tides 27" x 23" $750.00

Lori Gravley Wrack Lines X detail
At first,  I liked this one the least of Lori's pieces, but I have to say it grows on you.  Lori made this piece from a re-purposed silk dress she found in a thrift store.  Lori writes:

"The best time to walk the wrack line  is in winter.  There's less competition.When I saw a silk dress at a thrift shop, I immediately thought of the beach in winter.  Even in winter, the wrack line carries the shells, bones, kelp and other detritus that reminds us that life goes on and on.  The orange in the quilt is a reminder that summer will come again."

Usually, Lori combines both hand and machine sewing.  Wrack Line VIII is handsewn.

Lori recently completed another yo-yo quilt which is now showing at the Dayton Visual Art Center, entitled "Wrack Line XI:  Tides in Godlight."  You can see it, and more information on Lori's work on her blog, Laughing Girl Quilts.


Gisela Towner said...

OMG -- those are so cool! I never liked yo-yos either, but these are awesome.

Michigoose said...

Gisela...I only wish you could actually see Lori's work in the fiber so to speak....they are really riveting.