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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Aullwood Nature Center Art Quilt Show:Pam Geisel and Mindy Marik

After the Rin by Pam Geisel, photo by Pam Geisel.  $23.5" 32.5"  $275.00.

Because I have standing permission to use images and works from my fellow Miami Valley (OH) Art Quilt Network colleagues, I'm starting out with Pam Geisel and Mindy Marik's work.

Pam has two pieces in the show, both of which are for sale on her website, but of course, they are not available until the show closes after August 21. 

This first piece (which is Pam's photo because I really didn't like the color cast on the one I took.) is entitled After the Rain.   Pam designed this in response to an online challenge which had her visit a hardware store. 
You can see that she took a drain cover and stitched through all the holes and threaded ribbon through some of the others.  It reminded one of my companions of a jelly fish, but I'm afraid I thought more of a dream catcher or aboriginal shield. 

Here is a washer that she used as an embellishment by wrapping it.  Her selection of fabrics in this piece are really great.  Pam discusses the construction of this piece on her blog.

Pam Geisel, photo by Pam Geisel, "Floating Feather."  10" x 8" $100.

Pam's second piece in the show is part of her feather series and is called 'Floating Feather."  It measures just 8" x 10". and uses a batik fabric from JoAnn's that both she and I love and tend to use a lot of.  Again, all of these photos are Pam's as I really didn't like the yellow cast which I got on my photos.

The water circles are outlined in a sparkly thread in quilting.  Beads are added to the bottom of hte quilt and along the copper strips she added to give it a little more interest.

Mindy Marik, "Crying Rain."  19"  28", $320.00
Mindy Marik's piece, Crying Rain measures 19" x 28" and is far more subdued than most of Mindy's work.

Mindy's piece depicts rain falling into puddles on the street. Each drop creates a series of rings as the wave moves outward.  Mindy constructed this with raw edge applique.


Pam Geisel - For Quilts Sake said...

Thanks for including my quilts on your blog...and I also see the jelly fish and dreamcatcher images in "After the Rain" reason for you to be "afraid" if that's what you see! I had a lot of fun playing around with the different textures on that quilt.

Mindy Marik said...

Thanks for indluding my work in your blog. I must have missed it when you first posted. I was inspired (or discouraged) by all the rain we had in the Spring, so this piece is sort of dark compared to my other works.