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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Aullwood 2011: Georgie Cline and Kathleen Hughes

Gerogie Cline Naples Florida *1 25.5" x 18.5"  $500
Georgie Cline, from Columbus, Ohio, offers us some detailed glimpses of piers on the beach in Naples, Florida.   Georgie uses hand-dyed cotton, organza and acrylic paint to concoct realistic and evocative images.

Detail Naples Florida I by Georgie Cline

Naples Florida #5 by Georgie Cline.  22" x 20" $450.
Kathleen Hughes Water Lily Fountain 41.25" x 41"  $2,500.00

You can see little slivers of fabric that Georgie has stitched down.   She uses free-motion zigzag stitch to add more texture in her work.

I particularly love the colors that Georgie has used in Naples Beach #5. Georgie often works in series and has a website which shows some of her works here. Her works are all nature oriented, but I  think you'll enjoy going to her site and taking a look of some of her more abstract works. 

Kathleen Hughes of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin also depicts scenes from nature.  Hers are realistic views which are rendered in commercial fabrics, hand dyes and whatever it takes to make a natural view. 

Frequently, Kathleen uses photographs printed on fabric to make her pieces even more realistic.  In Water Lily Fountain you can see that she has done just that.  The water lily pads are made from photographic prints.  Kathleen also made her water lily flowers and some of the pads dimensional.

She writes:  "I love floral quilts and always look for more ideas for them.  With Water Lilies, I wanted to capture the floating evanescent quality.  A photograph I took of the lilies growing in the fountain outside the mission at Santa Barbara (CA), inspired me to think in layers of fabric, just as the rock layer is overlaid with shadows, waterlilie pads and lilies. " 

Her shadows are great and if you look closely you can see the coins she used in the piece. You can see more of her work on her website.

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