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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rich area for Quilts

The other day, Vivien Zepf commented that I was indeed in an area rich for people who love fiber arts....Indeed. I'm struggling because I found out yesterday that there is a quilt show in Greenville, OH (the home of Annie Oakley) tomorrow and Saturday. In addition, there is a display of Amish and Mennonite quilts (modern ones) at the Aullwood Audubon Center which will be auctioned on Saturday. Last week, I missed the Farmersville, OH show which is sponsored by the Rotary. This show is a small one, but people I know who go say it is well worth it.

The Greenville show is a bit larger. A number of women in my Troy guild exhibit there. I'd love to go, but I find that I'm going to the doctors because of a problem I'm having rather than spenging the day at the Dayton Visual Arts Center shepherding an exhibition proposal through the process. I am preparing to sell some of my fabrics and books at a garage sale on Saturday, and while if I had known about the show, I could have closed the sale early, but instead, I advertised it for a full day. Rats.

This lovely little piece illustrating the blog today is one called Spin Hill. It was exhibition at the Marianist Environmental Education Center in the show I did earlier this year. The artist is only in the 9th grade, but I think you'll agree that the use of her long stitches give wonderful texture to the piece and the curly top of the hill is just delightful.

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Vivien Zepf said...

Ahh, rife with too many options!

And yes, those long stitches are cool!