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Monday, October 4, 2010

Quilty days and hot stuff

This week is a very quilty week. Friday, we hung a show of the Miami Valley Art Quilt Network's work at the Glen Helen Nature Center, 405 Cory Rd., Yellow Springs, OH. It's a small show, but it is a fun show. m At left is a grouping of coneflower quilts done in response to a challenge. (Far left: Diane Boley, small framed and large quilt is Ann Diller's work, and the one with squares is Joan Sterr who calls this one "Move Over Andy") . Sunday, we had the opening.

Tonight, I had a MVAQN board meeting and then the Monday Group met and showed the work completed on Lyric Kinard's Art + Quilt.

I didn't get any of my homework done as I'm still fiddling with the Chiaroscuro piece and my sewing room is so disgustingly awful with debris all over everywhere that I don't really much want to go in there. I made Pozole today with the last of the tomatillos and harvested some Cow's Horn peppers. I bought them on a lark. I had no idea how hot they were but the picture looked cool.

Cow's horn peppers are curved, like cow's horns. I tried to find how hot they were. Today, I found out the hard way. I tested it a little first. Nothing happened, so I didn't don my latex gloves like I do when I know that a pepper is hot. After about 15 minutes, my hands were on fire and they got worse if I ran water over them. After much scrubbing, pouring milk over them and rubbing with oil, I got most of it off and it didn't hurt. So I thought. Until just a few minutes ago when I rubbed my eye. Guess what? The oil is still there, at least remnants of it. Not a good thing.
Now, I'm sneakily putting these at the end...This is a group of us just before the opening. At left is Diane Boley, in the center is Fran LaSalle and next to Fran on the right is Cathy Barnes.

This next panel has Fran's "Something Fishy" , a small piece I have done called "Cellular Junction," below the fringe on mine is a Frog done by Ginny Crabtree, next to the fringy thing is Kate Burch's "Frog in a Bucket," below the frog is another frog by Fran LaSalle, and then my "Standing on Sacred Ground." The frogs, like the coneflowers were done in response to a bi-monthly challenge where words or techniques are chosen at random.


Vivien Zepf said...

You sure live in a quilting hot spot!

Michigoose said...

Sure do, Vivien! The Glen Helen show was restricted to only pieces which are for sale, so not all of our group showed...and a lot of what was there is small. Selling is something difficult for some of our members, and certainly getting a body of work for sale is something hard to keep up no matter who you are.

I'm finding that all I want to do is quilt lately, but I really HAVE to dig out the sewing is disgusting!