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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Catching up, weeding out

For the past several days, I have been going through fabric, books and household items....mostly of the decorative variety, weeding out. I need to clear things out as I have gotten to the point that I feel choked by having too much stuff, and I'm embarrassed that I have gotten to that state. So many people in the world have too little....and I have more than I need.

So, yesterday, I had a garage sale and sold LOTS of fabric....not even a dent in what I have, but I moved on a lot of fabric that I don't really have an interest in any more.

In some ways, it was difficult. Many of the pieces I had purchased to make clothing for Meg (when she was 2), some were pieces I got to make quilted items for my sister as presents...and for others (sorry, Trout, I got rid of one of the panels I was going to do something for you with too). I partly need to do this because I want to clear out an area so that I can set up the Handi-quilter (the original version, not the new and improved one) and my Juki sewing machine so I can have an almost-long arm set up. The other reason this needs to be done ASAP is that we need to get a new furnace and there's no way that the furnace people could get into the area because I had so many totes of books and fabric.

You should have seen the gloriously beautiful purple paisley corduroy which is now going to be made into bears. 30 yards went to make baby quilts and little dresses for girls in Africa (I don't really understand the concept of making shifts in western style and paying to send it to Africa....but OK...I mean, wouldn't money be better?).

I need to start working in the garden again. Mulberries have been planted by the birds and need to be ripped up. Dandelions, purslane and various grasses are threatening to take over. Working in the garden is going to be a little difficult as I have something wrong with the muscles (left pectorals) on my side, but I will do what I can. Tomorrow, I plan on taking the dregs to Goodwill. :)

In the meantime, enjoy the backlighted grasses and Salvia bonariensis.

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Vivien Zepf said...

Not easy to do, but good for you! A little hard work and you made a little cash. Bittersweet, true, but good.