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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Golden Paint Demonstration

Things have been extremely busy around Casa Quintana....quilting activities, house guests, senior activities and cross country has really tied me up.

Last Saturday, the Miami Valley Art Quilt Network hosted a demonstration by Merle Rosen, Golden Paint Company's artist representative for the area. Merle brought lots of the mediums and paints to Appalachian Quilts and showed us all about Golden's various products.

Here you can see the hand painted color "chips" Merle supplied....In order to make sure that you see exactly what the color and opacity of the paints, Golden employs people who hand paint splashes of paint across a white background. This is really great as there isn't any "printing" error.

Merle talked to us for 2 1/4 hours about all the different products and their uses. She handed around samples of things that she had done, and liberally applied globs of material to paper so we could work them around with palette knives.

I was grateful for this as Golden carries a lot of products that I didn't know what they were used for or how to use them. Golden is known for their high pigment load in the vehicle and for the light fastness of their product.

I admit, after my doctor's appointment on Friday, I ran out to Michael's and bought the GAC 900, which is their fiber medium. I can't wait to get to play with it. Michaels carries their fluid paints and their heavy bodied paints, not in a full run of colors, I'll have to wait to go to Columbus to get that...and some of the other things like their mica and their irridescent stuff. Hopefully, I'll be able to do something really fun with the new materials.

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Judy Alexander said...

Our fiber group had a similar demo a couple of years ago and it was really great. Love their products!