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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another Hurdle to Cross

You probably have been wondering what has happened to me. Well, I've been madly trying to weed the garden as when I came back from Connecticut, that which I hadn't gotten taken care of was a virtual jungle and that which I had still needed attention.

Then, there's the small matter of a quilt that I have been commissioned to make for a gentleman who has been diagnosed with Lymphoma, and there's the FFFC quilt which I am trying to finish.....

But, the biggest hurdle for me getting my work done and writing on my blog is my health. Not only did I fracture my radius (not a serious thing) this spring, and was diagnosed with a recurrence of breast cancer with multiple bone metastasis (for which we are trying a new bunch of drugs), but my pelvis has begun to hurt more, and somehow...somewhere, I got Lyme disease. It might have been in Connecticut that I picked up the deer tick, I don't know. I never saw it (deer ticks are tiny look here), I first thought the rash was a sunburn, until this last Sunday, when it developed into the classic bulls-eye rash . Lucky for me, it DID develop as it doesn't always, but it is a sure sign that you have if you see it.

I went to the Urgent Medical care center on Sunday because I wanted to get the antibiotics started right away. At present, the only issue I have with it is that I'm really tired. So...hopefully I'll be able to get back in the swing of things and post some real posts....

Oh yeah, and to top things off, I have some prodigious poison ivy rashes....I haven't had it in years, and I've got some really quite amazing patches on my skin right now...itchy itchy! I am going to have to go and carefully investigate the areas I was weeding as this is really vicious.


Gerrie said...

Oh my goodness. You need some (((((hugs))))! You have much on your plate. Sending healing thoughts to you!

vivian said...

So sorry to hear about your health issues. Please take care of yourself and I hope things get better! :)