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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Aullwood: Debra Bentley on Art Quilting and Moss

Yet one more of my co-quilters from the Miami Valley Art Quilt Network has a piece in the Aullwood show. Debra Bentley did this absolutely fantastic piece based on moss. Deb has done some really interesting things lately, but this ithe first piece I have ever seen her do using photographs with filters, although she did do a little piece with a photo transfer before that I can remember....this one is absolutely spectacular.

Since I don't think I can say it any better, I'm including Debra's own words from her artist's statement:

"As I was cleaning my flower pots in early spring, I brushed some snow from the top of one and discovered some moss growing beneath it. I looked at it closely, amazed to find something so fragile looking and beautiful beneath the snow. I took photos of it and enlarged them with software. I also applied filters to them to produce the various altered images. I combined the photos with various batiks and other commercial fabrics to produce the quilt. The blue/white/black fabric reminded me of the snow on top of the flower pot with the moss hiding beneath it. This quilt is my homage to the tenacity of nature and its ability to endure and be green even in winter.

The art quilt represents a tremendous opportunity for expressing design ideas and themes. I make art quilts because taking something originally intended to be utilitarian and making it into art is a challenge, and is very rewarding."

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