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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Aullwood: Carroll Schleppi

Carroll Schleppi is another one of my Miami Valley Art Quilt Network buddies. Lest you think that the show only had MVAQN members, I assure you it had plenty of others as well....I just have an easier time getting permission to post photos from people I know.

Carroll has been making art quilts for quite a while and came to art quilts first by doing her own thing rather than working within the traditional guild structure.

This particular piece is entitled "Homage to Anne" and was done as a memorial piece to Anne Hubler (1929-2009) who was the president of MVAQN for many years and a force in the art world in Dayton and had influence across the country. Carroll tried to incorporate Anne's method of sewing little bits of fabric, often donated from other MVAQN member's scraps, onto a background by hand. I accidently incensed Anne ones for referring to this as "snippits."

Carroll considers Anne one of her mentors and had this to say: "I thought of the beauty of the Sun setting and leaving the beach darker but with the lasting memory of a glowing sunset."

This is Carroll's "Falling Limas." Carroll participated in a MVAQN "class" where we worked our way through Jane Davila and Elin Waterston's The Art Quilt Workbook. For her series, Carroll selected beans. Carroll is a rarity as she considers lima beans one of her favorite summer treats.

Carroll grew a lot with her workbook pieces, and one of the best things is that she sold her first piece which was part of this series.

She also practiced using flanges on the piece.

Her last piece in the show is "Out of the Depths." Inspired by a photograph of sea life from the Monterey Aquarium, Carroll "envisioned the creature rising from the depths and reflecting the beauty of the sun through the water on its 'blooms.'

Carroll is a retired mathematics professor from the University of Dayton.

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