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Monday, July 20, 2009

Sacred threads: Sunrises and Sunsets

I was going to combine this thread with what I was up to yesterday....but I decided to split this into two parts since I am lacking a photo of a major thought....

Sunrises and Sunsets seem to play a significant role in our inspirations and as allegories for life. Therefore, it isn't surprising that several representations show up in the Sacred Threads exhibition.

This photo is of First Light by Gerri Congdon. It was inspired by the sunrise over the Sea of Galilee inspired Gerri to make this quilt. Gerri is from Portland, Oregon and has only been doing "textile art" for the last 8 years. She's 70 years young. I love the colors and the abstract way in which these little pieces combined compose a realistic picture.

Another gorgeous piece, Jutta Halpin composed this lovely piece entitled "Sunrise: Another Day, Now What?" The central part of the "sun" is beaded. I love how the quilting goes in a echo over the top of the rectilinear shapes.

On her artist statement, Jutta said: "Sunrise, a new day and a new beginning. Every day we have the power to live life to its fullest. Enjoy people and our surroundings.

What could be nicer than to be a witness to the beginning of every day."

I agree wholeheartedly with Jutta's sentiment...until you get to the last paragraph. As a night owl, who would prefer to be awake 24 hours of the day, I don't often willingly see the sunrise, although every time I do, I think it is marvelous. You can see this, and other quilts on Jutta's website,

This lovely piece is Anne Louise Mullard-Pugh's "Red Sky at Night." Anne Louise uses some innovative quilting in the segments are made separately then overlapped and hung might call it an applique of quiltettes.

Anne Louise Mullard-Pugh is from Las Vegas, Nevada. Here's her artist statement:

"Red Sky at night? Sailor’s delight. Red Sky in the morning? WARNING! Two of the most inspiring moments of a day are the sky at sunrise and at sunset. Living in the desert Southwest, we are treated to many spectacular visions. It is somewhat less romantic to learn that part of the reason for the spectacular show is dirt and pollution in the air. So do I work and pray for cleaner air or for more inspiring skies? There are no easy answers.Separately quilted layers hung together, commercial fabrics."

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