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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sacred Threads: Color!

I've been working out in my garden, except for the brief time I took out to visit Dayton's Cityfolk Festival to see the quilts there (I keep on saying Ohio is just a wonderland for quilters and this just proves it). Color is an important part of my life. I am drawn to it. I surround myself with color.

It is no surprise then, that the piece at left just thrilled me. The title is "I Could Just Eat Color" by Penny Mateer of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I love the motion, and the fabulous use of color and texture. I admit, I also have a "thing" about the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Penny used commercial fabrics to great effect here, and she also Incorporated traditional blocks in the churn dash blocks you see running in the center of the quilt.

Penny's artist statement: "My mother-in-law has Alzheimer's disease. As Barbara struggled to find a purpose in her life I proposed we make a quilt. I cut the pieces of churn dash blocks and Barbara guided their placement. These blocks are the foundation of a series of three quilts; each quilt will be given to a friend or family member. Barbara who loves color used to say as we worked 'I could just eat color.'"

I couldn't agree with Barbara more!

Here is Penny's website which is certainly worth a visit:

This second quilt is "Can you Feel the Spirit," by Cathy Pilcher Sperry of West Chester, Ohio. Again, I was drawn by the use of color (notice the orange and turquoise??), the use of traditional piecing (flying geese and fans) along with a very graphic layout. Once again, she uses motion extremely well.

Here's Cathy's Artist statement:

"'Can you feel the spirit?' Yes, I can! That is how I felt as I worked on this quilt. Everything flowed. Everything came together at just the right time. Materials were just the right size and in the right quantity, time after time. It was not a coincidence. It finally occurred to me that God was trying to tell me something, that He is in charge and He provides just what I need at the time I need it, in all aspects of my life. I look at this quilt and see the hand of God because that is surely who did this."

Cathy also did this last quilt is called "Bright Hope." For those of you who follow the Hoffman Quilt Challenge, you'll recognise the background fabric as being one from several years ago.

Here's her statement about this piece:

"During the most challenging and difficult times God blesses me with the desire to create. This piece, with its shadows and dimension, represents the darkness of depression and despair and the ability to come out into the light and once again feel joy through the grace of God. I thank God every day for this gift and also for the challenges He places before me. It is through these challenges that I am able to find joy in the most simple and precious things."

Visually, all three of these called to me...and I hope they bring a bright spot to your day as well.

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