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Friday, April 5, 2013

Row-By-Row Quilt

I felt well enough to go to Batty Binder's, my local guild in Troy last week.  They usually have a challenge or some sort of group project.  They have been talking about doing another row-by-row quilt.  A row-by-row is where someone collects a group of fabrics and does one row, then passes the box along to the next person who completes the next row...without the first person seeing it....then the process is repeated..  The originator has no idea what is being done until they get the top back.

Several years ago....prior to 2005 when I moved here, this was a themed row by row that Marjorie (Jo) Heffner did with the group.  You can see Jo at the left...and I was  really taken by this one.  Although the group was really pretty traditional when I came, there were a lot of people who were very much open to the concept of working outside the box.  Jo did the top row of pinwheels..

 No one remembers who did the second row...but I found it charming.  The "quilt shop" has meaning for this group as several of the members are sisters, and we also have several mother/daughter(s) combos.
 Sunbonnet Sue has options....she can go on a "slab" swing, or a tire swing.
And then, here's the Heffner farm, with an establishment date of 1947.

Jo said she thought the theme for the next row was stars, and the 4th row was nature.  I had never seen this set of Drunkard's path to make birds.  The beaks were three dimensional.

The next row's theme was hearts, and you can see on the overall, that the quilter made tossed hearts.
 Becky Goodwin, Jo's sister made the last row, which really tied in well with the second row and was a masterful completion of this quilt.  Becky is extremely talented and did her own drawings and design.

All in all, I find this a charming piece, and probably one of the best group row-by-row's I have seen.  I hope that Jo finishes it as it certainly deserves completion.

I am participating in Nina-Marie's Off the Wall Fiber Fridays....take a look at the others on her blog. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to show you my progress on the St. Mary's Church slice. I've been working on it...but it isn't ready to show you.


Heather P said...

Fun quilt! Very charming!

Heather P said...
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Cathy Perlmutter said...

This is a very charming quilt! I especially liked the drunkard's path birds.