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Monday, April 15, 2013

International Quilt Festival Cincinnati 2013

Last week was the International Quilt Festival's show in Cincinnati.  Once again, I went and worked at the Mistyfuse Booth with Iris Karp.  It is such fun to go....see people at the Studio Art Quilt Associate's booth, and all the wonderful quilts.

This year, I opted not to take a class.  I did go and stay in the hotel, sharing the room with fellow MVAQN'er/SAQA member Carroll Schleppi...the thought of driving in rush hour traffic on I75 southbound wasn't my idea of fun, so that's why we stayed down there.

I ran in on Thursday morning and grabbed my badge....75 had been particularly bad as it was raining buckets and we were about an hour later than we had anticipated.  I didn't notice the typo on my name badge until one of the customer's said "Is that REALLY your name????"  OOOPs.  I sometimes make that mistake when I am typing my watermarks on my photos....but I didn't notice this one....certainly I'm saving it!

 This year the show was a little smaller than in previous years and rather than running through Sunday, it closed on Saturday.  I had to quickly see the quilts as we were so busy demonstrating in the booth.  I would have liked to show you lots of photos....images of pieces I liked from a number of quilters....but...IQF has rules about photography, as do most shows, and I have not been terribly successful in reaching a lot of the artists to get permission (something I try very hard to do) I decided I would share one of Sue Reno's quilts.

I had the pleasure of meeting Sue at the SAQA conference in Philadelphia last year....Sue loves to hike and take photos, as well as work in her garden.  She is a kindred soul even if she does get out more than I do these days!  Here is her website.

This particular piece uses a cyanotype print (a method of printing originally used to make blueprints) on silk of a columbine.  She framed it in a patchwork of small silk pieces which just sparkle in the spotlights.  Sue often combines things from her garden, or that she has found on her walks, particularly skeletal remains of animals (although sometimes she buys the remains in order to make the combos she wants).  She likes columbines for the wonderful habit they have of seeding find them in new places each spring.  I also love them for the interesting color combinations and mutations that they produce.  You can see more images and learn more about this piece here.

I always enjoy going to Cincinnati.  I love all the wonderful things around...bits and pieces that surprise well as being able to meet up with friends like Iris and Stephanie Kleinman.  One surprise is the art that you find tucked away....  This wonderful piece is made from chipping away the plaster/paint areas on a wall.  Pretty cool, eh?

I'm happy to say that I was so busy that I didn't get a lot of time to look at the vendors.....I did manage to get some 12 wt threads from Wonderfil and Superior.   I've been wanting to try these heavier threads to see what they can, I didn't do a horrific amount of damage to my pocketbook....always a danger when one attends such events.

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Sue Reno said...

Hi Lisa, thanks very much for the feature! I'm glad you enjoyed the show, I wish I could have been there.