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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tripping with the Internet

Isn't this a gorgeous color combination?  It's a grapevine growing on a purple trellis next to Shibori Dragon in Lakewood, Washington.  When I travel, I often ask people I "know" on the internet about what to see or do.  Usually, it results in happy things...even if I am a bit sheepish to admit to my sister "Oh, I need to meet up with a friend."  I know my husband has gotten used to it....even if he did think there was a possibility we were meeting up with a murder when we went to a picnic and stayed the night with some friends I had only met through the internet.   Since we survived that time, and saw some pretty cool orchids and drank some wonderful home-brews, well....he's gotten more relaxed with the idea.

On my last trip to Montana via Washington state, I asked on the Quilt art message list what quilty things were happening in the Olympia area.  Since I was only going to be there a couple of days before heading out to Montana, I wasn't able to take in a show of antique quilts north of Seattle....which I would have adored doing, but it would be a three hour drive.

I did, however, take up Larkin Van Horn's suggestion to go to Shibori Dragon.  I was dumbfounded...such a  wonderful collection of yarns, specialty fibers, vintage and antique Japanese fabrics, a wide range of embellishments, hand-dyed fibers and threads, and lots of Shibori materials, stencils and templates.  My sister, who doesn't quilt, was pleased with the yarn selection....and I left quite a few of my hard earned shekels in the Dragon's maw.

I was bummed yesterday when I got an email from Shibori Dragon saying they were closing their shop....but at least they are keeping their on-line and show presence. So, check out the link  and if you are in the area. maybe you can pick up some great sale stuff.

Happily, I got to meet two "friends" this trip.  Roni, who I knew from ages past on Quilt Chat lives in Great
Falls and Kristin from Missoula.  My sister asked me about my friend in Great Falls.....and I was surprised to recall that I have "known" Roni for about 12 years.  Kristin is a follower of my blog, and surprisingly, she had worked on the Hoopa Valley Reservation near Eureka, California, as had my brother (a forester for the B.I.A.) although they were there several years apart.  I foolishly did not get pictures of me with either of them...but I am happy to report that neither Kristin nor Roni are ax murderers and I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with each of them.  You never know just what the internet is going to bring you, and for me, it's just good.

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