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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chukar Cherries and Eating Mice Scary food???

I know...two posts in one day....catching up after being busy with guests.  I HAD to get this in today.  My niece Beth is a copy writer and recipe developer for Chukar Cherries, a specialty food company located in Prosser, Washington.  She developed these for a scary Halloween treat...I'm not sure what Chukar product she was using...or this may just be using a prototype of a Chukar product...I thought they were maraschino cherries...or cherries preserved in their entirety, but I can't find them on their website.  

I mean....can you imagine...eating a mouse?

We fed a couple to Drew....he was pretty happy with them.  I ate one...and they were yummy, but I liked Chukar's dried cherries best.  Or maybe the cherry raspberry sauce....or or...

Chukar Cherries is a pretty locally oriented, wholesome (that is, not with a lot of additives and trying to be as good to the earth as possible) company.

My favorite thing about Chukar, however, is their graphics.  This is Chukar Cherries Pike Market Gift box....I was sooo lucky, my cousin Lourdes brought me a box....and I ate all the chocolate cover cherries out of it, and saved the box...

So...what's that bird? A Chukar.  Chukars are gamebirds imported into North America and are related to pheasants and partridges.  They're pretty savvy birds, and pretty good looking.  An amusing thing....after Chukar Cherries got started, they discovered that the hunting enthusiast referred to the chukar's droppings as...chukar cherries....I assure you, though, Chukar Cherries items taste really, really good. Take a look at their website.  Many of the words are those of my wonderful niece Beth.
Pike Market gift box

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