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Monday, October 8, 2012

Sometimes you find surprises

When I was poking around in my brother's "graveyard for farm machinery and trucks" behind the Quonset hut which serves as his shop looking for photographic fodder, I was startled to hear a noise off to my right. Just near this pile of wreckage was a young buck white-tailed deer, about three years old with his antlers tangled in some wire.  I cringed as I remembered another deer who had gotten caught in old fencing and died back when I was growing up in Michigan.  I knew that I couldn't approach him for fear of it struggling and hurting itself further, or worse yet, getting me with it's antlers or kicking me.

Just as I went towards it, it broke free and went bounding into the field.  I was grateful for that, but the whole thing startled me so I didn't get any pictures!

This weekend, I got a few pleasant surprises as well.  This weekend was the Batty Binder's October retreat in Palestine, Ohio.  I didn't plan on going, but one of the members was leaving early, so they asked if I wanted to come up for the night.  I also got a telephone call from my daughter.  One of her friends was coming home for the weekend and my daughter was craving home-cooked food....and wouldn't I be willing to send some food back with her?  I didn't really realize that my daughter liked my cooking so much.  Yes, there are some times which I know she really enjoyed my food, but I think she sort of took it for granted.  So...before I left for the retreat (hurredly throwing quilting stuff into a bag as well as getting some overnight stuff together) I whipped up  terriyaki chicken, herbed carrots, garlic green beans, and curried rice.  I also tucked in some frozen corn chowder I had made with the last of the market's sweet corn.

The most surprising thing?  She called today and told me how yummy it was.

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