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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Living Green at the Marianist Environmental Education Center

It has been a very busy and very "fiberfull" spring.  So much so that I wasn't able to get to reviewing the annual Marianist Environmental Education Center's show while it was up.  Busy-ness, fatigue, guests, trips, all sorts of things got in the way.

This year's show was "Living Green."  The call for entry suggested these items to consider:
 · The color green, the color of plants that sustain all life;
· Reused or natural art  materials;
· Inspirations for sustainable lifestyles; and
· The virtue of simplicity and reflective consumption.

The show had fewer entries this year, but it was really spectacular.  Several pieces really were wonderful, and many pieces were submitted by a Cincinnati artist who just blew me away.  This show is loosely juried...that is to say, if the pieces don't follow the theme, then they are not accepted.  It is open to anyone, people of all ages and I have always been pleased to see children's work next to professional artists.  Most of the time, the children's work is solid and CAN stand up to the more seasoned veteran....At the very least, it is refreshing.

These shots portray the gallery overall...I missed taking the back and one of the sides, but if you compare it to last year's show beginning here you'll see that it wasn't smaller at all...just a feeling.   I won't share with you my quilts...I had four in this show, but the one I did especially for this show I spoke about here.

This is Kate Santucci's "Microbial." It is in a small box, the left side shows some sort of microscopic mite, and the other is an etched and painted eggshell showing strands of microbes.  The back side is painted as well and the work is just fabulous.

This is one of my absolute favorites.  It is gorgeous...and Nicole Wentz' elementary school students made it.  If you are familiar with Dale Chihuly's Glass work, this is a Chihuly inspired piece made of recycled plastic bottles.   It is just amazing and I'd love to see them make others.  I'd hang this in my house in a heart beat.

More to regenerate some red blood cells...if only!

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Sherrie Spangler said...

Looks like a great show. Hope your regeneration goes well.