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Friday, June 15, 2012

Dayton Landmarks Quilts: Sacred Heart, last installment

It has been such a fiber-full spring, and there is still so much more to share, although this is the last installment of the Dayton Landmarks Slice quilts, at least in this rendition.  We really hope to add more.

Here's Ronnie Doyal's shot of Sacred Heart Church.  Dayton architect Charles Insco Williams designed it in 1888 and it stands at 217 West 4th Street in Dayton. One of the cool things is that although the Catholic church closed it, they "mothballed" it until another congregation could take it over.  Just a year after the closing, in 2000 a Vietnamese congregation took it over.

I think that this rendition is one of my favorites.  I am amazed at how all three of the artists simplified the building in pretty much the same way, giving us a graphic rendition of the church.  Although each of the individuals styles are usually pretty different...this one could almost be done by one person.  You would think that they collaborated closely on this piece....but they didn't.  From left to right, the artists were Pam Geisel, Sara Lynne Walsh and Ann Diller.

I'm not sure exactly who has the more detailed of the two pieces, Pam or Ann.  As usual, Pam pays extreme attention to detail.  However in this piece, much of her detail is achieved through her quilting, although her shading is impeccable.  The angles and straightness of line are perfect, a very difficult feat to achieve when dealing with fabric.

I hope you can see it here.

Sara Lynne Walsh's style is much more lose than either Pam or Ann's.  I love how she did the cross at the top of the dome by using organza ribbon.

Ann Diller used a little bit of fiber roving or angelina, I can't remember which but I think roving, to make her whispy clouds. Ann has a wonderful color sense and always chooses her fabrics well.

Aren't they just great?


angel45402 said...

Lisa.....really have enjoyed reading about the landmark quilts....Dayton has some beautiful buildings!!!

Judy Momenzadeh said...

wonderful work!

Madeline said...

Thank you for providing the photos and information on these wonderful landmark quilts. What accomplished artists! Dayton DOES have some beautiful buildings.

Vivika said...

All of these are beautiful! And it was great seeing you last week!