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Friday, June 29, 2012

Fiber and More from Marianist Environmental Education Center Show

As usual, the Marianist Environmental Education Center's Show "Living Green" had quite a few fiber pieces.  While not in the preponderance, we did make a statement.  At left is Anne Wolf's "Let Nature do the Work" reminding us that clotheslines are really a good idea.  Too bad that clotheslines are outlawed in many developments and subdivisions.

Cindi Remm is a fellow Miami Valley Art Quilt Network Member.  This little piece, which is about 9" x 14" is entitled "Yellow Bird."

Cindi also did this piece with a repurposed (worn out?) dish cloth.  She calls it "Trees."  Really a quite wonderful piece, great texture, and really inventive.

Christine Bohner Stewart did some pieces last year which I was quite fond of, and this year is no different.  While Christine actually is making jewelery (in this case made with polymer clay and stones), she usually mounts them in very artistic ways and combines them with poetry.

I love the texture of this piece of birch bark.  The poetry for this piece is as follows:


Shades of living greens
Weave themselves through earth and sky, 
God's breath in the world.

A very neat sentiment given the fact that trees, grasses and plants provide us with oxygen!

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