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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter Gift Exchange from Miami Valley Art Quilt Network

It's been kind of a busy weekend....although I don't think my husband quite understands what I do all day even though he's been home with me for the week.

Yesterday was the Miami Valley Art Quilt Network's winter gathering.  We used to hold a holiday party in December until we realized that life was just too busy then and we decided to hold it on our regular meeting day in January.

As part of our tradition, we make small quilts to exchange.  They can be post card sized, like Ann Diller's snowflake card here, or much larger, but most are usually no bigger than about 10" x 15".

I really think that Ann did a cute thing with her "Stamp" and signature.  We never know who is going to end up with our handiwork as we usually use some distribution game.  I didn't make one this year because I have been working on some pieces for the Studio Art Quilt Associates OH Regional show, plus spending A WHALE OF A LOT of time working on the exercises for Elizabeth Barton's "Inspired to Design" class on Quilt University.  Once again, I'm frustrated as I am not able to draw as I once did...maddening.

I've also been freezing to death....even though our winter has been warmer than usual and today was in the lower 40s.  I think that the numbness in my feet makes them feel really cold.

At any rate, that's why I decided to share the two "cold pieces" with you today.  This one is Sue DeSantis' Snowflake.  I'm sorry these are a little blurry...something seems ot be happening to my little Sony Cyber-shot....but it is odd that the quilt is a little blurry, but on both of them, the piano bench is in great focus.

Don't forget, if you want a chance to win the copy of Art Quilt Master's Volume 2, go to my blog post for Jan. 18 and leave a comment before 11:00 pm EST Wednesday, Jan. 25th.  One comment to a person please....

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