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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Have you Ever Had a Benign Breast Biopsy? this is my blog and usually I talk about other things....but a many of you may know, I was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer in Dec. 1997, when I was 37 years second bout of cancer.  I was living with No Evidence of Disease until 2010 when I discovered it was in LOTS of places and I'm still fighting it.  Try to promote studies which might provide a cure or methodology to prevent breast cancer....because as a stage IV Metavivor, I will have a shortened life....I don't want any more people to die from this.  I don't want any more people to have to struggle with it.  Stage V? There is no stage V unless, I suppose, you call it death.

So.... The Army of Women is doing another study, this time for women who have had a benign breast biopsy. (Why not men too, I don't know get breast cancer too!)  Here's the scoop:

Alongside the research team at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, the Army of Women has just launched Phase 2 of the Discovery of Early Markers of Breast Cancer Study to investigate whether the amount of DNA damage seen in the cells of normal breast tissue might indicate future breast cancer risk.  They’ve already collected data and tissue samples from women who had a benign biopsy but then went on to develop breast cancer. 

NOW, they need women who had a benign breast biopsy but did NOT go on to develop breast cancer!

For more information on this new study, please visit:

So, if you fall into this category, please check it out and consider participating. 

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