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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Doing the Work

 Because I admire Elizabeth Barton's work and her blog, I decided to take her class "Inspired to Design" on Quilt University (an online resource).

The most important thing, to my mind, is to do the work.  She was having us take photographs that we liked, and trace the images (rather than draw them free hand) and crop them....I've been doing this.  Lots.

I'm not happy with any of them.  I keep on reminding myself something that the wise Vivien Zepf said to me....when a child is drawing, he makes  picture after picture after picture...some of them are good, most of them aren't...but it doesn't matter.

I have to enjoyment level is way in non-existant...I'm working, but so far I don't see anything I like....even the photographs I DO like....I don't like what they're turning into....

She had us crop pieces and then put them together as a is the detail I took out of this one....this is an elevator at a quarry nearby.....similar to the grain elevators, but not.  One of the odd things is that there is a tree growing in the roof on the opposite side!  I don't know if it is still in use....the quarry, however, is going great guns.

The drawings? BLECH.

Don't forget, you have until Jan. 25th at 11:00 EST to leave a comment on my Master's Art Quilts post in order to be included in the drawing for the comment per person please....I actually have deleted some which were dups. The post is yesterday's post...Jan. 18.

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