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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yet more Joy!

When queried about what brought them joy, many, if not most, of my friends responded that their husbands  or family brought them of my husband's relatives said this picture of the two of us....although, if it hadn't been for my recent battles with cancer (and my not so recent battles....) maybe he wouldn't have said this....never the less, it is an illustration for the point.

However, not everyone is lucky enough to have families which bring them joy....even so, we can certainly find joy in having friends.

My friend Chris had some very wise words to share..."waking up in the morning.  Every day has the potential to bring Joy in the most unexpected way.  Today, seeing my grandson's smiling face in the video chat on Facebook.  Yesterday: laughing with the women so important to my life."

Those women that Chris referenced is a group of us brought together by chance, through a common love of quilting.  We get together weekly to sew, and gab...and share lunch together.  We meet at the business office of one of our members, and we always have a good time.  Sometimes we even get some sewing done.

So, here's hoping you find some joy in waking up never know what wonders will unfold if you look for them.


Martha Ginn said...

Lisa, your joyful attitude is inspiring. Helps us all realize that we are responsible for how we view our situation and the circumstances life brings. My first holidays without my husband have been blessed by faith, family, friends...and of course, art!
Martha Ginn

ann said...

JOY is important! Glad you are finding it.